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Hungry? We Take A Trip Around The World In Thirteen Plates

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Hungry? Always. Cravings are definitely not just a PMS thing.

When we travel, a big part of embracing a new culture is the food and the excitement of dabbling in new flavours. For those of us staying firmly in Costa del Britain this summer, we need not miss out.

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Available in over 100 cities and with an array of cuisines ready and waiting, we are actually spoilt for choice. Need some inspo? Read on... (we’re v.sorry if you’re reading this and it’s nowhere near meal time):

Italy: Good ol’ cheesy pizza


Instagram: @ubereats

We may have pizza as a Brit hangover cure, but it's herby, tasty, tomatoey goodness is a classy affair in the land it hails from. Think thin crust, knife and fork and a huge glug of chilli oil. Bellissimo!

Japan: Rollover for sushi


Instagram: @mondomulia via @ubereats

Whether you’re a raw fish fan, or you prefer the cooked options, sushi is lovely and light on the stomach. Show off with ya chopsticks too, if you’re feeling fancy.

Greece: Carbs-are-life gyros


Instagram: @KS_ate_here via @ubereats

A carb lover’s heaven, we’re talking pitta bread AND chips. Yeah, baby. Oh, and meat, salad and tzatziki too – pretty much all food groups in one wrap.

India: Spice up your life with a curry


Instagram: @ubereats

Did you know that common curry spices, like turmeric, hold healing properties? That’s definitely the *only* reason why us Brits spend more than £300 a year on curry (ahem).

Thailand: Oodles of noodles


Instagram:  @samesamethai via @ubereats

With or without coriander (what a debate that is), Thai noodles are packed full of flavour and the perfect comfort food after a hard day.

New York: Forget the big apple…

New York

Instagram: @ubereats

… and grab a humongous burger instead! America’s portions don’t do things by half. It's more of a double or nothing situation, really. And that is FINE by us.

Mexico: Shake your tacos


Instagram: @ubereats

Chicken, beef, pork or just handfuls and handfuls of cheese. Your tacos, your way.

China: Delicious dim sum


Instagram: @ubereats

Steamed dumplings, buns and other small dishes are great to have a natter over. Plus, these little pockets of joy taste amazing dipped in spicy sauce or a classic side of soy!

Vietnam: Barmy for banh mi


Instagram: @KS_ate_here via @ubereats

Upgrade your normal lunchtime sarnie with bánh mì (the Vietnamese word for bread). Filled with vegetables and a seasoned meat of your choice, your ham and cheese sandwich will be a thing of the past.

Turkey: This dish is no wet lettuce


Instagram: @thebaconprincessblog via @ubereats

A salad for lunch doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Taste the Mediterranean with a traditional Turkish salad, laden with pulses and fresh veg.

Canada: Perfect poutine


Instagram: @ubereats

Slide into cheesy goodness after a day on the slopes. Cheese, chips and gravy is a Canadian comfort food and pub grub of choice. It is practically a cuddle on a plate.

France: Melt in your mouth macarons


Instagram: @ubereats

We say oui to dessert every single time – and a très chic one at that. Channel your inner Parisian and give that 3 o’clock slump a French twist.

Spain: Chocolatey Cinnamon Churros


Instagram: @ubereats

Another dessert pretty close to our heart, churros are the perfect balance of everything you could want in a dessert: warm, chocolately, gooey yet crispy... mmmm....



Instagram: @the_world_of_apollo via @ubereats

Okay, so we know we said thirteen plates, but this is a bonus dish that’s too cute not to include. You’re welcome.

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British curry consumption research carried out by Nationwide, 2015.

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