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10 Aromatherapy Oils That Help Beat PMS

If PMS pretty much ruins your life on the run up to your period, we've got good news for you – now is the perfect time to book a massage! Yep, you heard us, we are legit recommending an hour-long aromatherapy pamper session, because according to Madhavi, aromatherapist and founder of Rishi Veda, essential oils can help with pain and relaxation. Thank you, period gods.

She believes aromatherapy oils are brimming with therapeutic benefits that can help with the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS such as fluid retention, nausea, headaches, skin breakouts, lethargy, anxiety, food cravings and mood swings.

Here, she reveals the top 10 wonder oils that help ease premenstrual stress...


A great all-rounder and a must-have for the natural remedy kit, it helps to relax muscular tension, promote a good night's sleep and is naturally healing for the mind and body. Dab a drop of lavender onto your temples, hold for 30 seconds and release.

Clary Sage

This oil not only works wonders on the nervous system to promote a natural high, but it also balances it to relieve painful cramps, fluid retention and helps ease PMS.


Geranium works to balance hormones as well as heavy periods. It also stimulates the lymphatic system to reduce oedema (a build up of fluid in the body which causes the affected tissue to become swollen) and soothes breast tenderness.

Sweet Marjoram

Marjoram is nurturing to the senses. It calms the mind, warms the body and relieves anxiety and stress. It also helps release muscular tension.


Frankincense not only eases painful periods but it is emotionally balancing, producing a sense of calm and peace.


This is the oil of tranquillity. It has grounding effect and calms the central nervous system, bringing you back down to earth, aiding relaxation and banishing mental and physical stress.


Neroli is a wonderful tonic for the nervous system, rejuvenating your entire being. The aroma is exquisite and instils peace and calm.

Rose Otto

Rose Otto is a nurturing oil, which is especially effective in regulating menstrual problems while acting as a natural antidepressant.


Chamomile is antispasmodic so relieves period pains, symptoms of PMS, is soothing and calming for the mind while also reducing muscular tension. It blends well with clary sage and marjoram for a super-strength sleep blend.


Bergamot is uplifting, fresh and like a burst of sunshine to lift anxiety and stress. Just FYI, it should not be used prior to sun exposure.

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