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Feeling Sluggish? Try These 8 Instant Energy Boosters

Energy levels can dip significantly during your menstrual cycle. While on your period you can feel a tad sluggish due to low oestrogen and testosterone levels. You may also be low on iron during your period – especially if you bleed heavily – and this will definitely make you feel lacklustre.

Oestrogen and testosterone are also low during your third and fourth weeks of your cycle, which can make you feel sapped of energy.

If you’re feeling more inclined to curl up on the sofa than get up and go, try one of these quick and easy energy boosters!

1. Take a cold shower

Actress Katherine Hepburn swore by a cold shower to boost her energy levels. If you can’t bear a complete shower in the cold, turn the temperature to cold just at the end for 10 seconds. You’ll instantly feel more awake!

2. Get some fresh air

Scientific studies have proven that going outdoors and enjoying nature for just 20 minutes is enough to boost energy levels. Try walking to work or taking your lunch in the park to enjoy nature’s energy boost.

3. Choose an energising scent

Jasmine not only smells great but also increases beta waves in the brain, which makes you feel instantly more alert. Sniff some Jasmine oil or sip on Jasmine tea when you need a boost. Alternatively spritz on a Jasmine-based perfume such as The Body Shop’s India Night Jasmine, £16.99, or Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum, £39.

4. Blink more!

This is a good tip for when you’re feeling sleepy at your desk. Blink 10 to 20 times per minute and not only will it recharge your brain, but it will also lubricate your eyes, preventing them from drying out and feeling tired and sore.

5. Enjoy a laugh

A good giggle not only decreases stress levels, but also gives you an energy boost as it increases your circulation and boosts those happy hormones, endorphins. If you need help raising a titter, watch these hilarious dog gifs.

6. Get a caffeine fix

When you’re exhausted, you can’t do much better than to sup a cup of coffee or tea, however the key is to not overdo it. Experts agree that approximately 300 milligrams of caffeine a day is all you need to get the energy-boosting benefits. That’s two Grande cappuccinos from Starbucks or between 3-5 cups of tea.

7. Turn up the music

When you wake up, blast out your favourite songs at high volume. Sports psychologists have found this to be one of the most effective ways of fighting tiredness and relieving stress.

8. Breakfast on bananas

Bananas make a great start to the day as they contain three different kinds of sugar Glucose and fructose give you a quick energy boost, while sucrose keeps blood levels stable so you don’t crash like you would starting the day with sugary cereal or toast and jam.

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