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7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Mornings

How many life goals have you set yourself so far? Like, a trillion? All those people to meet, mountains to climb, things to be learnt, money to be made huh? Well give yourself a head start to achieving the major stuff by falling in love with mornings. Being a morning person is the first step to nailing your day/your week/your life after all.

But if waking up proves tricky at the best of times, throwing a period in the mix can make leaving your bed near impossible, right? No matter where you are in your cycle, you can transform yourself with a few little life tweaks to help your health and switch your mindset...

1. Don’t hit snooze

Did you know there’s an official word for that drowsy state when you’re drifting in and out of sleep while snoozing your alarm? It’s called drockling, and you should ditch it because it ain’t helpful. Those extra stolen minutes of sleep confuse your body, resulting in a groggy feeling that can last for a few hours into your day. It’s much better to set the alarm for the time you need to get up, and shoot straight out of bed. Yep, ouch. It’s like pulling off a plaster.

2. Wake up to light

A dark, cosy cave-like bedroom is bliss at bedtime, not so much in the morning when you need to be up and at it. So rather than using black-out blinds that cause you to blink your way into the day like a frightenened mole, sleep with the curtains or blinds wide open. This way you wake slowly when the sun rises, resetting your internal clock.

3. Nail your routine

We get it, routines are dull, but to be a slick machine of morning awesomeness, you need one. So force yourself to pack your bag the night before, have your outfit laid out waiting, do exactly the same shiz in the shower every day and know what you’re eating for brekkie. Job done. Taking away any thought element of your morning will limit potential chaos.

4. Stretch it out

Feeling achy and tight in the morning isn’t the nicest way to enter your day, so take five minutes to uncurl your sleepy limbs. Reach your arms to the sky, stretch out your neck and shoulders, bend to touch your toes and twist at the hips to loosen your spine. Your creaky bod will thank you for it.

5. Sort your bad bedtime habits

If you’re dropping off to sleep easily enough, you might not think late night caffeine or alcohol is much of a problem. Not so. Both of these are associated with significant sleep disturbance, as does excessive under-the-duvet phone scrolling. Studies have shown that using a phone or tablet before sleep can result in lower levels of melatonin, the hormone linked to sleepiness. The blue light emitted from devices tells the body to stay awake and alert meaning shorter restorative REM cycles, delayed circadian rhythms, and a general sleepier feeling when waking up – even when you’ve had a big sleep. You know the drill, switch to airplane mode and read a book instead.

6. Tidy your room

A calm, clean space makes all the difference to your morning mood. Pulling on jeans from the bedroom floor again hardly makes anyone feel like a winner, so hang your clothes, get rid of any rubbish and keep your bedroom a plate/mug/glass free zone.

7. State the positive

Sure, we know the potential power of positive affirmations, but hands up who’d feel a right berk chanting them in the mirror? Then don’t – you can still start the day in a positive way without saying a thing out loud. Take a few minutes when you wake to actively guide your mind away from any entrenched negative thoughts you might have about the day. It’s all about turning Monday into freakin' Funday.

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