5 Super-Easy Ways To Up Your Eyebrow Game Right Now

As model Cara Delavigne can attest, eyebrows maketh the woman – or at least make their career go stratospheric!

Eyebrows frame your face and can make a difference from you looking shocked (we’re looking at you ‘90s Gwen Stefani) to shockingly hot. If you’ve neglected your eyebrows, our tips will have your brows looking their best in no time.

1. Find your brow-spiration

You need to know what your ideal brow is going to look like, so get googling and choose a brow hero to copy. Do make sure you think about what brows you have when you choose your ideal brow. If you’re fair with very fine brows, you’re never going to match up to the might powers of Cara, so look towards the likes of the Olsen twins or Gwyneth Paltrow for blonde brows with bite!

2. Know your arch

Many women make the mistake of creating an arch too much towards the centre, which can make you look slightly angry as all there’s too much brow at the beginning and not enough at the end. Your natural arch is actually towards the end of your brow. To find the perfect arch, line up a pencil alongside the outer edge of your iris.

3. Help them grow

It can feel like a life-time for over plucked brows to grow back but there are some wonder products out there that can help speed the process up. Eyelure’s Brow Nourishing Oil, £8.25, nourishes eyebrows while you sleep, helping to thicken them. If you want to splash more cash, try RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum. At £37 it’s not cheap, but it has been shown to enhance eyebrow density by 108% in just two months.

4. Fake them!

While you’re waiting for your perfect brow to grow, you can of course fake it. Don’t use pencils as they can look quite harsh, but instead go for a special brow powder. Using a stiff brush, fill in with very small strokes. Try and keep as close to your natural brow shape for now but as your brows grow back, you can alter the shape to suit your new look.

If you have very fair brows, tinting them might be a better option – and also saves time in the morning. You can do it yourself with Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow, £7, or pay a visit to your local beauty salon, who can also do a brow tidy at the same time.

5. Go gentle on the tweezers

Plucking the odd obvious hair is fine, but you only need to give your brows a general tidy up every couple of weeks. You may also want to avoid tweezing just before your period starts as your pain threshold lowers, so plucking those little stray hairs may be just too much for your newly sensitive skin.

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