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5 Reasons Crying Is Good For You

Some women never experience the highs and lows that is PMS, and if you're one of those, count yourself lucky. For others, monthly tears are a dead cert. Crying from a bad day at work...blubbing at anything remotely sad on TV...waterworks when your partner takes a joke too far.

Hormones can play havoc with your emotions during your monthly cycle, but instead of being embarrassed about those PMS-induced tears, embrace them as crying can actually be a really positive thing. Why? Read on...

It makes you happier

Crying, especially if you feel emotional, triggers the endocrine system. This then releases happy chemicals - endorphins - into the system making you feel instantly better.

Crying makes you healthier

Some studies have shown that crying can actually boost your immune system,  and has even been shown to help asthma and eczema sufferers. Trying to hold in your tears can also create health problems, causing diseases such as high blood pressure and heart problems, so instead of trying to soldier on with a brave face, acknowledge how you feel and allow those tears to flow.

It relieves stress

Ever wondered why when you’re frustrated, angry or anxious a good cry seems to make you feel better? According to research it could be that your stress-induced tears are removing toxins from your body, which in turn helps to lower stress levels.

Tears protect your eyes

It’s not just hormones or a sad film that brings on the tears, crying also happens if your eye is irritated or you have an infection. When you cut onions for example, the chemical they release causes tears, which prevents otherwise harmful toxins getting into your eyes and harming them.

Crying helps us to see

Tears lubricate eyeballs and eyelids and prevent dehydration. Without that we literally wouldn't be able to see. Crying is essential so embrace it whole-heartedly!

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