5 Minutes With LOOK: Lydia, Beauty Editor

This month, we have teamed up with LOOK magazine to bring you a carefully curated surprise. In case you didn't get the memo: each box will include six of the LOOK team's go-to beauty products, tea, chocolate, your choice of sanitary products plus the latest issue of LOOK. There's still time to subscribe here. 

Heavy-weight heroes: this month's products have been chosen by the LOOK team.
Heavy-weight heroes: this month's products have been chosen by the LOOK team.

We caught up with Lydia, LOOK's Beauty Editor, to get the low-down on her signature style, handbag must-haves and make-up mistakes.

Lydia is Beauty Editor at LOOK.
Lydia is Beauty Editor at LOOK.

What product did you pick to go in our LOOK x Pink Parcel edit?

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner. It's my one and only hair saver when my locks are looking less fab and more frazzled. The handy sachet makes for the perfect holiday hair companion; I always pack a few when I'm off jet-setting abroad. It contains Australian balm mint, which not only smells delicious but quickly repairs damage like split ends and frizz. It's my go-to.

What’s your signature beauty style?

Brown shimmery lids, lots of mascara and then a natural looking base. I don't like to look like I'm wearing much make-up even when I am.

What's your biggest make-up mistake and why?

Definitely the wrong colour foundation, it took me years to get it right.

What is your period craving?

I don't really get them, I'm generally always craving bad food,

What 3 items do you always keep in your handbag and why?

Apart from the obvious phone, keys, bank card etc, my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick as it doubles up as a great blush tone, a cream highlighter or cover-up dependant on where I am and then a mascara, preferably the Bourjois one as it has a mirror.

What’s your go-to fashion fix when you’re on your period/feeling low?

My slouchy cashmere jumper. Always. That, jeans and my Keds.

Whose look do you love and why?

Olivia Palermo, every time. If I could be her every day I'd be so content.

What A/W trend will you be turning to this season?

I'll probably be seeking out anything that glistens for party season, especially for beauty, we've got a really cool thing going on at the moment where the ordinary girl is being more experimental with their make up, which is SO fun!! My fashion style is quite classic, so good coats, well fitting trousers and new boots. I'll probably wear the trends in my accessories as that way it doesn't alter my wardrobe or my bank balance too much.

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