5 Healthy Breakfasts That Involve Chocolate

Setting yourself up with a breakfast that’s nutritious, tasty and filling (so that you won’t be reaching for the 10am snacks) is the smartest thing you can do in the morning. Trust us, if it’s a toss up between perfecting your eyeliner flick or inhaling some food, breakfast should win every time.

But we’re not being preachy or worthy here, sometimes we need a bit of motivation to get some goodness into our bodies first thing. And by motivation, we mean chocolate.

So if you need some inspo on how to transform your healthy breakfast into something that treats your tastebuds too, grab your two Cocoba Orange Milk Chocolate squares from April’s parcel, and use them for these simple brekkie updates.

Grate on granola

Ever made your own healthy and wholesome granola? It’s actually easier than you think. Toss together oats, honey, nuts and seeds – any combo of sunflower, almonds, flaxseeds or cashews – and roast in the oven until golden brown. When cooled, stir in raisins and top with grated chocolate. You can snaffle with yoghurt for brekkie or save for later to have on top of ice cream.

Stir in your smoothie

Of course we’re a fan of a detoxifying green smoothie, or an immunity-boosting carrot and ginger blend, but occasionally it takes something sweet to hit the spot. Whizz together banana, ice cubes, almond milk and your chocolate squares for a velvety rich morning drink.

Sprinkle on porridge

There are plenty of studies proving that porridge – the breakfast of choice for athletes and gym bods – comes out top in the healthy stakes. Oats have high fibre levels so you stay fuller and have more energy for longer, as well as boasting cholesterol-lowering, digestion-improving, blood sugar-stabilising benefits. Saying that, there are no rules against pimping your porridge – throw in some raspberries, stir in your chocolate and you’ve given your morning bowl of beige a total makeover.

Spoon into your coffee

Ah, the deliciously classic combo of coffee and chocolate. If you already add honey or sugar to your morning cup, why not switch it for a spoonful of melted chocolate instead to create a mocha with a homemade feel? Naughty yep, but it sure tastes good.

Drizzle over fruit

In an ideal world we’d probably have a chocolate fountain installed in the kitchen – y’know to dunk in a strawberry or two whenever we get the urge. The next best thing? Melting your Cocoba Orange Milk Chocolate squares and dipping in your morning banana. You don’t need loads, it *is* early after all, but we reckon it’s a pretty yum way to start the day.