We’re almost a full quarter of the way into 2019, and most of us are already feeling it. It’s time for a pick-me-up mini break to the gloriously French fancy streets of Paris, the chalky white scenes in Greece or the relics of bygone eras that Rome has to offer. Stock your carry on with the best of dreamy cosmetics and relaxing skincare that will leave your face feeling plumped, refreshed and ready to brave the office again. Pink Parcel's April heroes - Lartizy, INC.redible and Daily Concepts have got you covered.

Laritzy Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

It glides on like a dream delivering moisture and a hit of neutral pink colour. Available in two shades - Favor, feathery, coral pink that straddles the border between a nude and a faded rose colour, and Tidal, a more deeply pigmented shade of Favor but only slightly - these two beauties will take you from day to night and back again, with a matte finish that won’t dry out and a waterproof formula that will withstand a spontaneous dive into a pool with all your clothes still on and a cocktail, or two, or three, or...you get where we’re going with this.

INC.redible Sheet Masks

We wouldn’t leave you without a speedy way to detox those pores and plump that skin while venturing away to greener pastures. Enter the mighty INC.redible sheet mask, brought to you by cult favourite brand Nails inc. With a mask for every pesky skin concern, you’ll arrive back from your city break with an enviable texture that looks effortlessly glowy. The Roarsome mask is all about toning, deep cleaning those pores and nourishing your skin with caviar and superfood extracts that reduce inflammation. The result? Angelic looking skin for fierce women that makes you look like you’ve been on an extended holiday rather than a weekend break.

The Chase your Rainbow mask will have your skin looking like it’s up in the clouds and away with the fairies - dreamy is the name and flawless skin is INC.redible’s game. Fruit extracts work together with hyaluronate to produce a gentle exfoliating and hydrating effect. Brighter, softer, plumper skin that beams like you’ve been double cleansing and drinking eight gallons of water for years? Yes please.

Hectic schedules effect more than just our stress levels, sometimes it’s literally written all over our face in the form of dull, tired skin, breakouts and dryness. Put aside a few moments to get familiar with the Mermaids be Shore to Shine sheet mask. It uses marine magic to coax your skin back to its optimum state, delivering an intense hydration hit and a radiant shine using seaweed, soybean and hyaluronate. Staying true to its name, your face will be left feeling energised, firm and beaming. Let your inner mermaid shine strong and bright.  

Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber

We want the skin on our body to have the same glow power as our face, which is why the Pink Parcel is making sure you’re stocked and prepped with a gorgeous body scrub tool to buff all your woes, worries and dead skin cells away.

Round in shape to cover more of your body at once, you’ll have buffed and polished your entire body before you know it, only to stand in the mirror and behold the glorious, beaming sight before you. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive, let Daily Concepts make your shower sessions all that more satisfying as you belt out Mariah Carey classics and try to hit the high notes. Its smart technology even lets you know when the body scrubber needs to be replaced and it uses dual eco nylon and cotton fabric to exfoliate. It’s got all the smarts.

* These products will be found in April 2019 Pink Parcel *

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