3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Pink Parcel’s June Box

When our period arrives or when it’s giving us (ahem) friendly pre-warnings, it wreaks havoc on our skin. And as June marks the start of the summer season (if the weather ever gets the memo) it'll be ‘sun out, skin out’. In the hope of some sunshine, June's box brings you the PP Skin Clinic: our favourite products to boost skin confidence, delivered straight to your door.

We’ve got more than a few treats for you, not least the full-size multi-purpose cream worth £18 (which you can get for almost a third of the price, if you sign up to Pink Parcel today!) and a beauty sponge made from the health plant of the moment. Here, take a sneak peak:

Figs & Rouge 3 In 1 Hero Cream

We loved this product before we even opened the lid. The tins are so pretty, we were almost tempted to use the cream as a vanity table piece instead. Figs and Rouge have created a variety of designs to fit your personality: are you opening doors like Georgiana, or a bit of an Aphelia Greek goddess? Once we finally stop cooing over the packaging; the cream works using a unique formula that helps moisturise, repair AND support the skin’s cells. You can use it all over your face and body, and it's worth £18, so you’re getting a good little deal in this month’s box! Big enough to last a while, but small enough to carry in your handbag, this is definitely a hero cream.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

All successful skin routines start with a good face wash. Balance Me’s Pure Skin Face Wash softly cleanses without harsh or abrasive chemicals. Made with 98.8% natural ingredients, you can wash away those memories of red, irritated skin. The formula removes the impurities that cause spots and oily skin, leaving your face beautifully smooth, soft and matte (but not dry). Oh, and smelling absolutely fantastic. Like a modern version of the Three Wise Men, Balance Me brings frankincense… grapefruit and chamomile.

Stylondon Siligel Blender

If you can bear to apply make-up on your replenished skin post PP Skin Clinic, Stylondon Siligel Blender is the foundation applicator to use. The smooth gel is far more hygienic than its sponge counterparts, as it doesn’t allow for product build up. You can wash away any excess foundation with warm soapy water, quicker than an airbrush spritz. Even better, the blender helps your product last longer as it doesn’t absorb the foundation in the same way a sponge. You’ll find the clear Siligel blender in your box, and will be #nofilter ready for summer.

If you haven’t signed up to Pink Parcel yet, it’s time to start enjoying your period! Subscribe here and you’ll have everything you need (and want) sent directly to your door.