16 Reasons Why You Need Our Summer Survival Kit

Heading off on a hen do? Organising a girls’ holiday in Ibiza? Or perhaps you’re planning some festival fun at Wilderness? Whatever you’re up to this summer, be prepared with our summer survival kit. It’s quite literally got you covered for any crisis. Packed with products worth over £100, you can get your hands on one for just £18.99 with free P+P here.

What's In The Summer Survival Kit

Summer Survival Kit

Each kit contains: 

For Now bag with 4 x Tampax Regular; Bandzee Hairbands - Festival Pack; The Lipgloss Co Cocktail Shaker Lip Balm; Femfresh Wipes; Zerreau Towel-Off Shampoo Foam; Nairn’s Rough Oatcakes; Pink Parcel Hand Sanitiser; Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter Sachet; Glucotabs; Native Unearthed Travel Deodorant in Aloe; I Love/Coppafeel Shower Gel; Quickies Eye Make Up Remover Pads; Pukka Detox / Love Tea; NPW Halo Stickers in Moonbeam; Cougar Perfect Pout; True Brit London Nail Polish in Pink Parcel; Binky Eyeliner Pencil in Black; Ooharr Face Mask; Tangle Angel Hairbrush; Mad Beauty Tissues; The Tea Shed Emergency Tea; Sunkissed Shimmer Brush; Joe & Seph’s Salted Caramel Popcorn; Bellapierre Cosmetic Glitter; Natural Blender Recipe Card; Coppafeel Boob Check Card; Nairn’s Recipe Card. 

Need convincing? Play our summer survival bingo. If you tick ‘yes’ to 3 or more of the statements below, it’s official: your summer prognosis is shaky without a survival kit! ;)

3D box You need to freshen up ‘down there’ after waking up in a damp, soggy tent at Bestival. (Sounds like you need those femfresh wipes)

3D box You get back from Space at stupid o’clock (hey, you’ve still got it) and realise that your waterproof mascara really is unbudgeable. Hmm. (No problem – use your Quickies Eye Make-Up Remover Pads)

3D box You need a last minute surprise to put in the hen’s goody bag. (How about The Lipgloss Co Cocktail Shaker Lip Balm?)

3D box You use a loo which can only be described as post-apocalyptic at V Fest then realise the soap dispenser is empty. (Just grab your Pink Parcel Hand Sanitiser)

3D box You didn’t have time to fake tan but need to achieve bronzed goddess status pronto. (Your Sunkissed Shimmer Brush is your new BF)

3D box You catch a whiff of your armpits after a day of bellydancing for Sarah’s hen and it brings back memories of Smelly Kelly from school. (Calm down! The Native Unearthed Travel Deodorant will sort you out)

3D box You spend a lazy day paddling and people-watching at Cala Bassa beach only to discover combing your hair hurts more than the ending of The Fault In Our Stars. *The feels* (Ouch. Never mind, your Tangle Angel Hairbrush will fix that)

3D box You spend the night comforting one of your mates while she has a freak out about her life/career/relationship*. *Delete as appropriate. (That's where those Tea Shed Emergency Tea and Mad Beauty Tissues are for)

3D box You spend the night being comforted by your mates while you have a freak out about your…(Don't worry, the Pukka Detox Tea and Joe & Seph's Salted Caramel Popcorn will make it better)

3D box You thought that going on a country walk before lunch back at the hotel was a great idea but you’re both starting to get seriously hangry. (Good job you've got that Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter Sachet and those Nairn’s Rough Oatcakes)

3D box You realised that the hostel doesn’t provide shampoo and shower gel...after a four hour airport transfer. (It's ok: you've got some I Love/Coppafeel Shower Gel and Zerreau Towel-Off Shampoo Foam in your kit)

3D box After three days of festival life, not even dry shampoo can save your hair. (Better try a ponytail with your Bandzees)

3D box You’re in Liquid at 1am on the Worst. Hen Do. Ever which gets even worse: you get your period and don’t have 50p for the tampon machine in the toilets. (Lucky you've got some Tampax Regular to tide you over)

3D box You’ve had four hours sleep thanks to your baby/project deadline/noisey neighbours but need to be ‘breezy’ and sound interested in the hen’s mum’s photos of Corfu 2002. (Take some of your Glucotabs and you'll be fine in no time)

3D box You’re on a much awaited mini break with the boy and need to look amazing for drinks at that cocktail place you just discovered. (Have a pamper party with your Ooharr Face Mask, Binky Eyeliner Pencil in Black, True Brit London Nail Polish in Pink Parcel and your Cougar Perfect Pout lipgloss.)

3D box Floral headband? Tick. Fringed waistcoat? Tick. But you need some extra special statement festival make-up for those Instagram pics… (Whip out your Bellapierre Cosmetic Glitter and NPW Halo Stickers in Moonbeam)

The Summer Survival Kit is £18.99 with free P+P (it's worth over £100) and you can buy yours here.

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