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10 Women Get Real About Their Boobs

Big, small, high, low, round, long – breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and having mixed feelings about yours throughout your life is pretty normal.

However you think your boobs look though, having a healthy pair of breasts will always be the most important thing – the rest is just packaging, right?

So to promote the body positivity that we’re super-fierce about at PP, and prove that hearing open and honest conversations about real bodies can help us all feel more confident, we’ve asked 10 women to reveal how they feel about their breasts. Prepare to give your boobs the respect they deserve…

Anj, 22

“I generally appreciate having boobs because I was once a really flat-chested teenager among some not so flat-chested friends. However now that I have them, I can totally see the benefits of having small boobs – you know, for it not to hurt when going down the stairs and being able to look fashionable in clothes. Either way, I'm okay with the size of my boobs. Maybe less happy with the shape but hey-ho, at least I'm alive!”

Becky, 24

“I quite like my boobs – they're big for my waist size and when I was younger I had the biggest in my class so always used to wear a low-cut top on non-uniform day and think I was the bee’s knees. When I was 12 years old I found a big lump in my boob which luckily turned out to be benign but since having surgery to cut it out I have a faint scar and my right boob is more deflated than my left because they took out a lot of tissue to make sure it was completely gone. The doctors said there's a high risk of it coming back so I always have a weekly squeeze to check they're okay – or sometimes my boyfriend kindly offers *rolls eyes*.”

Tamsin, 24

“Although I can now easily find bras in my size, I miss the bigger boobs I had when I was a bit heavier. Essentially, boobs are fat, so as I lost weight and toned up to get my ideal body shape in the arms, legs and stomach departments, the boob department suffered. Miss you, boobs.”

Sorrel, 31

“When my boobs are cold and my nipples are erect, I love them. They're small and pert and look fab under a t-shirt without a bra – Kate Moss style. However, when they're warm and cosy they’re like small mounds with far too much sag for a B cup. Oh well.”

Katie, 27

“Out of all my body parts, I probably like my boobs the most. I’d say me and my breasts are definitely friends. Ever since the Free The Nipple campaign, I’ve always been a fan of going braless, and when I see another woman without a bra, I think ‘you go girl.’ As an illustrator, I’ve drawn so female bodies and pairs of boobs, I know they come in all different shapes and sizes and there’s no ‘normal’ set. Women should be more open about their boobs – it unites us.”

Ali, 39

“I’ve always had small breasts. They don’t move when I run, I can sleep on my front no probs and I can honestly say I’ve never had that delightful experience of a guy talking to my tits. Saying that, for years I hated my boobs and felt ‘unwomanly’ without big boobs. It wasn’t until after I had a baby that I thought, 'you know what – my breasts are healthy, they’ve fed a tiny human, they’re actually perfect just the way they are.' I like my boobs now."

Claire, 31

"I've always been confident about my boobs – they're quite perky and they've both got cute little freckles near the nipples, like twins. I love going braless and would encourage women to do so on the regular, it makes you feel so free. The cons? My boobs swell up during my period so squeezing them into tight bras or sports bras is actually pretty painful!”

Tiff, 29

“I’ve always wanted big boobs since I was very young. Probably because I used to stare at Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford posters plastered all over my older brother’s bedroom walls. I thought big boobs were the epitome of sexiness, and I needed a pair! From year 7 at school I remember jumping up a cup size every academic year until I settled at a full E cup. Admittedly I was a curvier girl back then but I succeeded in growing two sizeable handfuls and I was chuffed. It wasn't until I started my fashion degree that I was truly turned off by them. Tight tops looked too much and any baggy top looked like a tent, so shopping became a nightmare. Going braless was also completely out of the question. I ended up losing a couple of stone from fashion degree stress, which in turn shrunk my boobs. It's safe to say I am now happier with my slightly smaller cups.”

Mafalda, 28

“I was a tomboy growing up and didn't think too much about my boobs until they never grew! I spent a lot of my teens wearing very uncomfortable push-up bras and forcing a fake cleavage however I could. I now take advantage of the fact that my boobs are actually an AA so I don't need to wear a bra at all!”

Rianna, 23

“I honestly love my boobs. I started growing breasts really young but I didn’t mind at all. Okay yes, it can be annoying when the top button of your shirt has a little gap, but that’s a small con. A bad back? OMG yes. And they hurt when I get cold – the ache is absolutely unbearable. Holding them to run down the stairs, or run in general is a struggle, as is dealing with period-aching boobs. I have to wear training bras because normal ones no longer fit when I’m on. But as I said, these are all small cons. What I can do, however, is cross my arms and put my head in them when I want to fall asleep on the train. I’m the best cuddle buddy. And with the right amount of cleavage, I think my boobs look great.”